Our mission

To provide immediate help to victims of domestic fire by supplying help with necessities and information including but not limited to:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Hygiene products
  • Clothes including gift cards from retailers
  • Information on accomodation and possible complimentary services
  • Information on counselling services
  • Forms for renewal of essential documents
  • Informing schools and delivering uniforms ect.
  • Information on pet care and boarding

All transportation and accommodation as well as all help bags should be pre arranged and be ready for immediate delivery to any affected victim. Close communication with Fire and Rescue in delivering information for this, as well as, any benefactor receiving and recognising appropriate incident numbers supplied by fire and rescue is vital to have the desired result.

We believe that this will be a vital step in recovery from fire related incidents invading homes as it establishes a sense of independence, if needed, and fast tracks victims to get their lives back to a normal so sorely needed.

References and Recommendations

  • “Fire can have an immediate and tragic consequence, and being able to provide immediate help for victims makes a real and considerable difference. The Jude O’Brien Fund reaches out to people in their most desperate time of need to give practical help and hope.”

    Roger Mentha, Assistant Commissioner, N.S.W. Fire & Rescue.
  • “Losing your home to fire is different for everyone. After the initial shock, it is vital those affected start to take back control of their lives and they can only do this through access to information and resources. This is an immediate need that others may not understand unless you have been in similar situations. It is also a vital step forward in the healing process.”

    Dave Owens, APM, retired State Emergency Operations Controller.

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